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Bridgewater at Eagle Harbor Bridgewater at Eagle Harbor

Welcome to the Bridgewater At Eagle Harbor Community Website!
This Site is designed to be user friendly and provide access to the information you need concerning your community.
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Having a secure area of the website allows the Association to provide members easier access to non-public information and the ability to communicate quicker to the entire community.  We hope each of you take the time to register, and enjoy the new website!
Board of Directors,
Bridgewater at Eagle Harbor Condominium Association, Inc.
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Children at Play
By Joshua Martinez on July 21, 2020
Owners and Residents of Bridgewater,

At the last Board Meeting, there was a concern brought up regarding children playing in the streets after dark. The concern is for safety both of the children as well as drivers. Parents, please remind your children to be mindful of the roads and vehicles driving as well as those parked. Drivers, please be extra careful driving through the community. There are many children out and about as well as dog walkers, etc. Please take special notice of these pedestrians and be cognizant of your speed. Thank you all for your efforts and assistance in helping to keep Bridgewater safe.
Reminder for pool access
By Joshua Martinez on July 6, 2020
All owners and residents,

Just a reminder as the pool is scheduled to open today, July 6th, in Bridgewater, you MUST have a completed, submitted COVID-19 waiver form before being admitted into the pool deck area--this is non-negotiable. You will not be permitted in otherwise. Also, if you do not have or have lost your pool pass, you must request a new one from the management office. Contact the office for a pool pass form at
Bridgewater Pool Opening Protocols
By Joshua Martinez on June 26, 2020
To all Bridgewater Owners and Residents,

As many of you are already aware, Governor Northam has recently indicated that we will be moving into Phase 3. There have been a number of residents concerned over the last several weeks as to why the pool was not open and then as to when it would be for Phase 3. Phase 2 provided for pools to be open that allowed for lap swimming. The Bridgewater pool is not large enough for lap swimming and does not accommodate for this activity realistically. It’s important to know, as with Phase 3, that the ability to be able to open is solely contingent that the requirements set forth by the Governor’s Executive Order is adhered to and approved by the Board of Directors.

Phase 3, expected to take effect on July 1st, is no different. It’s imperative to understand that the typical opening procedures of the pool in 2020 (and likely going forward) is not the same as it has been in the past. In order for the Association to be in compliance with these orders, the Board of Directors along with Management must take additional precautions to ensure that reasonable efforts are made to adhere to the requirements that include, but are not limited to COVID-19 signage, screening of patrons, ensuring that 10 feet of social distancing occurs, sanitizing of high touch areas, and ensuring that a sanitizer station is available.

The Board of Directors have a duty to make decisions that are in the best interest of the Association as a whole. Even with reasonable measures being taken to meet the requirements both by the Governor and the County Health Department, it still allows for a significant liability risk to the Association.

With that, the Board understands the desire for owners and residents in Bridgewater to be able to enjoy the pool amenity during the summer season and has taken necessary steps to protect the interests of the Association and its Members. The Board of Directors have issued the following Pool Phase Three (3) Reopening Protocols that shall be adhered to explicitly.

• Any owner/resident intending to utilize the pool shall complete and submit to the Association a signed COVID-19 Pandemic Waiver. To not complete and submit will void your ability to use the pool. This waiver can be found under Forms.
• Signage will be posted ahead of opening noticing patrons of the 10 foot social distancing requirement (unless family members), max occupancy of the pool (75%) so long as 10 feet of social distancing still occurs both inside and outside the pool, and to not enter the pool if they have been in contact with or personally are experiencing flu-like symptoms.
• No guests or visitors will be permitted into the pool area during this time.
• You must bring your blue pool pass with you to gain access.
• Sage Pools will provide a sanitizer station for the use of patrons and will be cleaning all high-touch areas every two (2) hours at an additional cost to the Association.
• If you feel more comfortable bringing your own chair and sanitizing wipes, you are encouraged to do so.
• The pool will open on July 6, 2020 to ensure all these measures are met and that the pool attendant will be on site.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we appreciate your patience this Summer as we have and continue to navigate through these times. We look forward to your cooperation and compliance with these guidelines for the safety and well being of the Association and its Members and look forward to an enjoyable remainder of the season.
Smoke Alarm Maintenance
By Joshua Martinez on June 15, 2018
Smoke alarms with non-replaceable 10-year batteries are designed to remain effective for up to 10 years. If the alarm chirps, warning that the battery is low, replace the entire smoke alarm right away. Smoke alarms with any other type of battery need a new battery at least once a year.

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